Westpoint WP-3614 Deluxe Dough Mixer


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Best Quality, Original Offers Westpoint 3614 Deluxe Dough Mixer

Voltage: 220v-240v

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 120 Watts Motor

Dough container separates from the body to make it easy for cleaning

Controlled by microchip, capable of making dough, fermented dough and heavy dough for bread, pasta etc

Quick and easy to operate

Transparent top cover, see content during the process

Seperate removable lid in the

Middle to ease adding seasoning and other ingredients during process

Non-sticky surface of the dough container makes cleaning easy

Auto temperature controller and timer

3.5 Liter capacity non-stick bowl

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Westpoint WP-3614 Deluxe Dough Mixer


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