PEL ACE Air Conditioner 1 Ton

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The compressor motor draws only the optimum power required to maintain the set room temperature. In simple words, the compressor without going either On or Off, functions on higher or a lower power basis the ambient conditions to maintain the set temperature. So, if the temperature outside drops through the night, the compressor will gradually, in line with falling temperature slip into functioning on lower energy levels. So not only is the room temperature maintained throughout, there’s energy saving as well.

This advanced feature protects and auto cleans the air conditioner with its anti-rust, exclusive air-purification and extended life feature.

The latest innovative technology that cools the room in just 30 seconds.

Full capacity units with full wattage compressor that gives you an outstanding cooling experience.

This advanced technology feature guarantees optimum performance and high energy savings.

It starts the Air Conditioner even on 140 Volts that gives excellent energy saving experience.

PEL Air Conditioners are built to work on maximum efficiency that not only saves energy but also gives annual savings.

Biggest Indoor:

PEL Air Conditioners with its biggest indoor unit design provides cooling in large spaces with utmost efficiency.

Capacity 1 Ton


PEL ACE Air Conditioner 1 Ton


Rated Capacity – Cooling W 3550
Rated Capacity – Heating W 3550
Rated Running Current – Cooling A 2.0-6.0
Rated Running Current – Heating A 2.0-6.0
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio W/W 3.4
Power supply source V/Ph/Hz 220~240V/50Hz
Refrigerant Gas R410a
Air Flow Volume m3/h 650
Noise level dB(A) 51
Indoor unit weight ?Net ) Kg 10
Outdoor unit weight (Net ) Kg 28
Evaporator – Material Hydrophilic aluminium foil with Inner-grooved copper
Net Dimension – Indoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) mm 850×296×205
Packing Dimension – Indoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) mm 890×360×270
Compressor Drive mode AC/DC DC
Compressor Brand GMCC
Condenser – Material Hydrophilic aluminium foil with Inner-grooved copper
Net Dimension – Outdoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) mm 730×285×545
Packing Dimension – Outdoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) mm 850×370×620

Compressor Warranty: 10 Years 

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PEL ACE Air Conditioner 1 Ton

 85910 91110